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Creating Beautiful Yard Frameworks

Prep Curbing

Step One: Prep

First, we start by understanding your needs. We will decide on a style of curbing, and together with your help we will create a design layout that best suits your needs. Then we will wrap up the design step by placing flags to guide our team in laying your new curbing.

Step Two: Mix

Second, the cement mixing process is very important. Our experts know how to get the perfect consistency and balance between the concrete mix and moisture content. This will prevent cracks and flaking in the future.

Cement Mix
Curbing Installation

Step Three: Curbing Installation

Third, our specialized machinery and tools make the concrete laying process fairly simple. One of our experts will drive and operate a small machine that feeds the concrete out the bottom and onto the dirt, pre-forming the curb. Then another employee constantly feeds the machine with the concrete mix to ensure there are no gaps or inconsistencies within the curbing.

Step Four: Finish

Finally, our finishing expert will follow behind and hand trowel the concrete, massaging it into its perfect and final shape. This also gives us the opportunity to ensure that the concrete mixture has the correct moisture content that it needs to properly dry and cure. Contact us now for your next curbing project

Curb Finishing